July 09, 2004


As some of you may know, we are having problems with our web hosting company that is causing us not to be able to upload pictures. Tim is working on switching us to a new company who might have a bit better customer service (let's hope). But until then, no pictures for me. Which may be okay, because I hadn't had much time to knit lately anyway, what with summer classes.

I did start a new project though. I went to the Knitting Arts 4th of July sale last weekend and got some really cool yarn - Lana Grossa Elastico - for pretty cheap. So I'm modifying a tank pattern from Rebecca #18 considerably since I'm not using the recommended yarn type. It's my first time winging it, so let's hope this goes okay and that it turns out actually wearable!

Eventually I will actually finish a big project. I seem to get sidetracked quite easily by new, exciting yarn and patterns that I just have to try. Then, before I finish those, I get sidetracked once again. I think I need to not go back to a yarn shop until I finish something. Even if there is a sale.


Posted by alison at 12:50 PM
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